The Dr. Prescribed High-Waisted Jeans...

Jeans: Dr Denim @ General Pants   |   Fur Vest: eBay   |   Rings: Lotus Mendes & Low Luv
Leather accessories are MojoMade... coming soon...

One of the best decisions I made when moving interstate was to sell my car back in Perth... I hire Thrifty cars whenever I need one here in Sydney and the rest of the time, I walk. This inevitably means I need comfortable shoes (that look good) and appropriate walking attire for this windy city - which isn't always appropriate - to have to dress appropriately. You know? I mean f*ck appropriate, right? What the hell is fashion for, if it's not for rock n roll self expression? And actually, what the hell is this life for if it's not for self expression, riiiiigh? Anyways, I digress...

What I was going to say is that whilst today I may not have the most appropriate shoes on for walking (I just stroll in these Betts bad-boys), I am modelling my best I-just-threw-this-on-because-all-the-washing-is-on-the-line-and-this-is-the-first-thing-I-could-find outfit. Ultimately, the answer to any one of those "I don't have anything to wear" moments - similar to a bad hair day - which I am also showing in it's full glory here.

3 Key Ingredients include:
Dr Denim Arlene High Skinny Jeans from General Pants
(the best high-waisters in town, I personally guarantee they will flatter anyone's ass like no tomorrow. They can do no wrong, and neither will you.)

Any one of your boyfriend's t-shirts, preferably with some wankerish-hipster print on it, eg. a roaring bear.

A fur vest or denim vest. Any kind of vest to make you look like you didn't try. And to hide that you're rolling the sleeves up over your shoulders because he'll inevitably get pissed off when you've stretched out the arm holes to his new shirt and complain that he wishes he could wear your stuff so you would know how it felt. Which you will then laugh about, saying he is welcome to wear your stuff anytime he wants. And then you will win. Hehe

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  1. You look great, I am still in love with that vest xx

    1. Hehe - I was stopped on the street the other day and asked about it... And I was like Um... I got it on eBay... There's a link to it on my blog... I should be getting a commission! hehe

  2. I locw your style!! looks pretty awesome

  3. pretty !!!

    new post

  4. I love this whole outfit! You look gorgeous, and I love your hair xo

    1. Thanks Olivia... I hate washing my hair so this always a good go-to :)


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