Art is Created in the Silence Between The Fireworks

At the core of creating art, of making music, of fashion design, of blogging - of all creativity is one common thing: All the work that goes into making it can't possibly be captured in the final piece. The real essence of it all is in the silence between the fireworks. It's in the lead up, it's behind the scenes, it's waiting in the wings to change the set, it's sewing the sequins onto the costume, it's rehearsing the steps, it's the mixing of the colours before the paintbrush even touches the canvas. It's allowing the ebb and flow of creativity to take you wherever you need to go... 

Lately I’ve been doing a whole lot of re-assessing and tripping down memory lane - I guess that comes with totally redesigning your life. I’ve been blowing up beliefs and smashing down walls, planting seeds, downsizing, upgrading, shifting, creating… and man, it’s been kinda exhausting! And you know what? I want some distraction! I want some company on this trip! 

So, I'm taking MojoMade with me now... do you wanna come with us?
We're going somewhere pretty exciting, which I’m almost ready to let you in on… MojoMade is in a bit of a chrysalis right now and is soon to emerge as a completely new space. This is no longer an I and a ME project – it’s an US and a WE thing. Lets just say this… 


And if you listen closely, you can hear the rumble off in the distance.
 The clues are in the silence, that space between the fireworks.

(I mean, the clues are also on my instagram - so you can follow me @morganjoanel :)

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