Vera Wang and My Inner Pop-Art Pirate

Words can be cheap. Sometimes they shortchange us and we don’t get across what we’re trying to say. It’s really what we do with our energy that conveys our true magic. It’s what we do with our art in life that spells out who we are, and it’s the intentions we live by each day that speak the loudest.

they say a picture is worth 1000 words.

So, when I started playing around with some new artwork and was introduced to the bright, fresh new Princess Power fragrance - I thought it was only too perfect a chance to speak through images rather than words! This is the space I'm breathing in now... It's still as colourful as ever, but the colours I see have some kind of mystical serenity to them. It's not so in-your-face Pirate... there's a lot more Mermaid princess vibin' is going on here - and really, of all the princesses I know, if I was going to be one - it would totally be Ariel. I mean, my name actually means 'from the Sea'... Hey - maybe that's what this whole feeling of 'coming home' I've had is about - maybe I AM a mermaid princess. Or was one in a past life. I should look into that.

 did you know that scent is the strongest link to memory? 
I love that no matter how much we shift and change in life, we always have access to bright and bold memories - ESPECIALLY through the sense of smell. As soon as I sprayed the Princess Power fragrance I was hit with so much fresh lust for life and it reminded me of the feeling I had when I first discovered perfume. And although I'm breathing in a new space and living different colours - it's always a sweet trip to splash a little sweetness on your neck and let the bright, bold colours come out once in a while: Pirate pop-art Morgan behold!

Head over to the Vera Wang Fragrances Facebook  and use this cute little app to create your own pop-art snap shot of yourself and blast your own colours all over. The Vera Wang Princess Power fragrance is available in Australia on August 10th.

Three of Something dress
Child of Wild necklace

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