Doing Something instead of Nothing

You know when you start being really good to yourself with clean food and exercise, and everything seems to be going really well - and then BAM! Your body starts wigging out: you get sick, tired, your skin breaks out, you dream about eating family-size blocks of chocolate, you're sluggish and can't think of anything worse than getting up at 6am to go for a run or get to the gym after work, and "I don't understand why I'm sick - this is the healthiest I've ever been!" is the most common sentence in your repertoire?

That's the moment, right there.

The moment when you're being tested and tempted to go back to the way you were. To the comfortable and the known. It's that magic moment when you can actually shift things. It's like a crossroads. People think crossroads are massive, life changing decisions or events - but really, everything big and small in life is just one moment after the next, right? It's only your perception that turns certain moments into something overwhelming and freak-out-worthy.

That's the moment where instead of giving up, you just keep going.

You do the workout even if it's half-assed, and you DO eat a block of chocolate: but make it a dark, raw cacao Loving Earth block so at you know you're being kind to your body. And instead of going to the gym, you do some light Yoga at home with an app like Yoga Studio...

Because something is better than nothing.

That was me last week... Sluggish, tired and slow to get anything done. The last thing I wanted to do was a style shoot for my blog, but I've just added these gorgeous new turquoise cuffs and crystal necklaces to the MojoMade online store so I really had to do something. Anyways, in my annoyed-ness (for no apparent reason) I saw my Lack of Color hat sitting on top of my wardrobe, (the one I was saving for some great, incredible, blow-your-mind-kind of photoshoot, but haven't gotten around to yet) and I knew exactly what to do...

Something instead of nothing. 

I slung up my un-blogworthy hair in a messy bun, put on the maxi skirt I wore on my runway debut for Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival (coz that'll make any girl feel model-worthy even if she is only 5'4!), my most favourite Free People sandals and... did this. Without all the but's and I don't feel like it's.

And I realised two things: Nobody gives a sh*t if I eat 2 blocks of chocolate, but they HAVE to know about the Montana hat from Lack of Color. This is one of those fix-any-kind-of-mood-hats. It's a stop-traffic-kind of incredible. And really, when a girl is in a mood, all she wants is to stop traffic because the world has finally recognised how f*cking amazing she is - right?

Get one of these bad-boys and I promise you, it will happen.

The turquoise aztec cuff is now available online here - hand-made with love for you, by me :)

O U T F I T    D E T A I L S
Lack of Color Montana Hat in black
Archive Mink Pink maxi skirt, similar here
Aztec Cuff + Crystal Ring + Crystal Necklace all MojoMade

≪☮☽The Mojo†ribe ☾☮≫

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  1. Amazing bohemian inspired outfit :)

  2. Loved this Morgan!! Stoked I found you on BE&BH x

  3. Exactly what I needed to hear this week, thank-you! (popping over from BEBH) x

  4. Amazing pics, awesome post x


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