Somedays I'm Off Duty

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I'm not usually into blogger-style-challenges, but it's different when the 'style' comes from Somedays Lovin, the inspiration is 'off-duty' and the challenge is to work this super cute floral midi skirt! And I was so not into the midi-trend but I'll admit, this little number has totally changed my perspective. So thank you Somedays, for teaming up with Arrow Divine and Shambhala in Byron Bay to put this whole thing together - where would I even BE in my life without realising I could do the floral midi skirt with my midriff showing? (currently appealing to my 83 and 13 year old self).

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So, I got to thinking about the whole 'off-duty' thing and how that looks in my life... and I realised that in this moment right now - for me there is no off-duty, nor on-duty... There just is. I've somehow managed to create a life that exists and thrives around the things I love to do, with the people I love, in the places we want to be. I could scream from the rooftops that I'm lucky and blessed to have all this land in my lap, but it would have a pretty big disclaimer of: I worked for it. 

Two months ago I couldn't have imagined I'd be in this position now - but life seems to change drastically when you tweak just a few little things. And those little things lead to big things when you open up and decide you deserve more. I know I deserve more than what I was settling for... and I'm betting you do too.

I am so so SO beyond excited to share a big new project I've been working on, which is going to see MojoMade shift and fly to a new creative space: jewelry, music and blog fully in-tact, but with a different approach...

I'm totally being vague. I know. Sorry. I'm like that annoying person who says 
"I've got a surprise for you". 
Good one jerk, you just ruined the surprise.
But you don't know what the surprise is.
Yeah, but now I know it's coming.



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  1. This is stunning!I love all your jewellery xo

  2. really great outfit! Neither do I like midi skirts, but this one is super cute and it suits you perfectly.


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