Introducing Amethyst, The Wild Whisperer

Introducing the newest crystal addition to the MojoMade Jewelry Family… Amethyst.

With all it's peaceful, patient, calming energy this little crystal slipped into my life almost undetected. One moment I was choosing quartz crystals for a new batch of jewellery and the next, something whispered strongly in my ear to invite Amethyst to the party… Whenever that voice of intuition speaks, I listen and it always pays off.

Lady Amethyst.
Like a wild whisper, she winked her way into the party and somehow cast a spell over everyone... You don't know how or where she came from, all you know is there's something intriguing about  her mystical radiance - and you just have to be near it! The thing about Amethyst is; she quietly listen to you and you'll walk away thanking her for the advice. Her questions are your answers. That's how she opens your eyes and the doors of perception. She'll work her magic quietly in the corner, intuitively melting through the chaos and before you even realise you've been spinning, she'll catch you with a kiss of clarity.  
She is the eye of your storm.


The Amethyst Aztec Cuff is now available online in my Etsy Store and if you add your email below, you'll receive a special VIP code giving you a 15% discount on your total MojoMade order - exclusive to members. Each MojoMade jewellery piece is hand-made by me, and the crystals go through a unique illuminating process which you can read about here. You'll receive information on the crystal in your design and also how you can program your crystals for specific energies.

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  1. That's gorgeous, love the purple crystal

    1. Thanks Lauren, it's quite spectacular! xx


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