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I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home, and as any self employed musician-designer-blogger slashie would know, that means organisation. Growing up I was never a fan of organisation because to me it meant BORING! I thought you needed chaos to be creative.

I have changed my mind.
"Hallelujah" screams my poor organisation-is-king-Virgo Mum.

Of course, the trick is finding the right kind of organisation for you. I like my space to feel like me. I want to come into my space relaxed. I want the ever changing inspiration spark to know it's welcome at any moment. And if I need to do 'work' I know where everything is and the moment I want to paint or track a little tune I've been humming all day - I can do it - and then hide it all away while it's in progress.

Colour Pops.

My home office doubles not only as as a design space but also a photography and recording studio. So, yes, I have come to appreciate that organisation is key… So long as it's an expression of me. You know what they say, your surroundings are a mirror of what is going on inside you...

So, I'm cleaning house at the moment - and when I say house, I mean mindset… Which of course leads to the physical… So, I'll keep you posted how my new office and studio space turns out.

Happy Monday!

**Images collected various online, where available sources can be found on this Pinterest board**

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