Amethyst for Inner Calm and Focused Energy

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With the new MojoMade Jewellery collection just around the corner, I thought I'd share a sneak peek at one of the new pieces, The Amethyst Aztec Cuff, centred around the serenely calming Amethyst Crystal. When I began designing for this collection a few months ago, I felt the call to add new qualities into the spectrum of crystals I was working with and the Amethyst seemed to be screaming whispering quite strongly to me!

With the power to focus energy, Amethyst can enhance intuition by making clear connects between the Earth plane and other planes - both of which have flooded my life since working with this calming stone. As you know by now, I'm a musician who has lent her hand to fashion and jewellery design, and a bunch of other artistic pursuits - and with that creativity comes chaos - unless you focus the energies one at a time, which is exactly how I've been spending my time over the past month…

As I took this picture this morning looking over Rose Bay, I realised that my recent clarity and inner calm is clearly aligned with the re-connection of my intuition and spirit… And it makes me wonder - did this come from working with Amethyst or did I begin working with Amethyst because my intuition told me to do it?

Chicken or the Egg?
It's all one and the same really… Isn't it? 
I mean it's not like time is linear or anything… :)

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