Less is More: A Bachelor's Degree in Class

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My Mum always told me 'less is more', like I'm sure your Mum did too. When it comes to make-up, to perfume, and your skin to clothing ratio: less skin showing is actually more. Despite not being much of a mathematician, I always knew this equation didn't actually make sense, but I totally understood it from a style point of view (probably because during maths I was always looking at fashion magazines). Anyway, as it gets colder here in Sydney - which really isn't that cold (to those in the northern hemisphere, the Australian winter roughly translates to: you might want to take a scarf with you) - I'm realising that my Mum's advice of less is more can apply to a many more things in life than just what you're wearing *insert epiphany music here*

Growing up an only child meant I learned how to do a lot of things myself, which left me with a childhood hangover of many, many, many (to the power of 3) interests and talents. If you've been following me for a while, you may know that I'm a singer, songwriter, fashion designer, jewellery designer, artist and blogger… Which sounds like way too many things to focus on to ever get anything done. But I've come to realise, that IS me. It's all of me and whilst I'm working out how to balance it all in creative harmony, I'm opening up my blog as a space to share what I find.

Basically, I'm putting a method to my madness - and it's actually working! Hopefully what you see, read and hear adds a little inspiration to your own life. But more on that later, let's get to the fashion point of this post!!

I am actually wearing shorts under this jumper. They're just short shorts.

I'm obviously fond of showing a little leg, and I'm much more a short-shorts-girl than a mini skirt girl, which I link to always imagining "but what if I want a piggy-back or to do cartwheels? I can't do that in a skirt". And by that logic, I've always felt mini skirts were way too limiting. Anyways, it's pretty simple - the key to not looking like a tart is by only choosing to show one group area of skin at a time: something short on the bottom goes with long sleeves and bare shoulders goes with lots of length. 

Honestly, I think they should be teaching this stuff in high schools, and after walking through the cross last weekend, I'm positive that I could develop an entire Bachelor's Degree in 'class' for the all the naked girls showing a little clothing. There would be a Masters Degree in "looking at the back of your hair before you leave the house" which would lead to a PhD in "how to wear hair extensions" - but that's a whole other subject!

Yours in cartwheels,

≪☮☽The Mojo†ribe ☾☮≫

10 peeps said something:

  1. Maybe one of your electives could be Leggings Are Not Pants?
    I'm a shorts-kinda-girl too, mainly so that I can bust a move at the drop of a hat. You never know when the feeling will spring!

    1. That's exactly my philosophy Jess - maybe this really is a thing… Good to hear there's more out there... Girls in shorts are a just little crazier than those in skirts right? And I'm feeling a series coming on here… Leggings are not pants, but what are your thoughts on Jeggings? I'll pull my debate team together.

  2. What a lovely smile! Nice photos!

  3. I also am a big fan of the smile :)


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