Peace Tiger

My bestie Ashley got me this tank in Thailand years ago, said she saw it and it was just "me". It's still one of my faves. Don't you love those simple little finds that never leave your heart? Think I feel that way about these jeans too since they haven't left my butt since I got them!

 In other news... the winner of the  'PURPLE HAZE' Azuki dress giveaway is:


Who made me giggle with her entry... One word to describe this dress?

I can't believe how many entries came through for this dress! Thanks for entering guys and sorry you couldn't all win! I am RULLY excited for this week's giveaway, I think you're gonna love it!! So check back very soon for another chance to win :)

Have an amazing weekend, what are you up to? 
We got peeps coming over tonight to listen to The Doors...

4 peeps said something:

  1. LOVE those shoes!!

    XO Sahra

  2. Love your hat and shoes ant the total look)))

  3. ohhh the shoes are to die for!!!!

  4. your blog is amazing and so are you. Plz check mine @


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