August Girl

It was my birthday yesterday and it turns out that if you put your birthday wishlist on your blog you'll probably get everything you wished for... I'm a very lucky girl!

I got the orange iPad tote / clutch that I was dreaming of... AND an iPad to go with it!! Teamed it with my fave studded jacket and a trusty old little black dress (that I actually wear backwards cause I love the racer-back neckline and zipper in front!) and voila.

I'm actually celebrating properly in a few weeks and currently working on an outfit.

I did however make myself a birthday cake (of course!) and some pictures are coming tomorrow!

iPad tote: Sportsgirl
Boots: Betts
Peace Ring: Minty Meets Munt
Turquoise Ring: Lotus Mendes

6 peeps said something:

  1. Love that orange clutch on you!! You really can rock black!
    <3 Jess SparksandFireworks

  2. Oh wow your leather jacket is amazing ! please visit my blog and become a member if you like it ! I already follow you and like reading your fabulous blog! xo nadine from

  3. beautiful

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

    Fashion by He

  4. wooow i love this post!! where is that dress from? i need it :)xxxx

  5. i would never guess you used the dress backward... looks great! happy birthday!



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