My Mother - Style Inspiration.

She carries herself with a gentle grace.
Loves a good laugh but is elegantly refined.
Independent with a gracious strength.
My mother has taught me everything I know about the art of being a woman.


Style Inspiration from a 50's baby.
I was always jealous that my mum got to live through the 50's, 60's and 70's - but now I just take inspiration from her wardrobe and she gives me tips on my designs and how to make them 'cooler'.
Don't you just love that?!

I used to love looking at these old photographs of her and always admired her style - I still do! She was a true fashionista before the word was even invented and as a teenager would have things made by local dressmakers from her own designs! It must be where I get it from.

She taught me Dedication.
When I was growing up, she would paint her nails once a week, and roll her hair with heated rollers every second day before going to work. She had a dedicated skincare routine and was always classicly organised. I didn't think much of it as a kid - but as I'm growing older I'm realising just how incredibly stylish she is. (So I'll forgive her for the 80's!!)

You just don't seem to see much of the old Hollywood class these days. 
I mean seriously - doesn't she just LOOK like a movie star?
She's always reminded me of Audrey Hepburn.
To this day she still rolls her hair in heated rollers every second day before going to work.
Without fail.

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  1. Oh she's so beautiful! I wish I could be so close with my mother. But my mom doesn't feel like she suppose to stay by my side, she ridicules my dreams and plans. But the most painful is she never supported me and she can live with it. I know... Mommy issues :D
    Your mother looks like Audrey indeed, I was surprised, that she wasn't a star <3

  2. well, it's obvious now from whom you got your amazing style (:

  3. Definitely stylish.. And definitley you...Luv the comment about the 80's... That was my era... With a touch of 60's and 70's... I thnk my girls would describe my style as "quirky and eccentric" ... I must ask them ..

  4. She was very stylish and I suppose she´s steel is.
    You are very lucky. :) And she´s also very beautiful, like you.
    kisses, ♥


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