Lookbook.nu, Asos, Chictopia...

Sooo... you may or may not have noticed that I love me a little Lookbook.nu and lately I've been feeling like expanding my horizons :)

Recently someone was on AsosFashionFinder using my images and saying they were her! How funny is that? I'll take it as a compliment... But it got me thinking, and exploring a little more... There's just SO many blogs and sites to find street fashion and all all things sassy - I wanna know what you guys are into!

So what do you think of Lookbook,nu, Chictopia, Asos, Polyvore, IFB etc... ?

I would LOVE your suggestions and thoughts on what communities are great for finding new inspiration and just the platform they work from!!

Either leave me some comments or email at mojomade@hotmail.com

Happy weekend - new giveaway will be listed tomorrow!!

❤MoJo x

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  1. gorgeous look!love the skirt!

  2. I have accounts in all of it except Asos. Lookbook is great place to store/ share your looks. It's like an online portfolio of your style while Chictopia is also a great place to share your looks and opinions about fashion, its difference is Chictopia have chic rewards where you can redeem it for shoes, bags, apparel, etc.

    Polyvore is great for making collage of clothes and shoes you like and show off your styling skills.

    IFB is my most favorite, it is a community of fashion bloggers who are exchanging tips, opinions, etc. to improve your blog, find inspirations and know everything about fashion! Also that online community is so friendly :)

    Then there's also Stylepage which is just new, you need an invitation before you can create an account there. It's full of fashion photos from magazines, runway, street styles etc. and people are also sharing fashion tips and opinions there.

    And lastly Fashiolista is a site where you can share all you fashion finds and find what people like.

    Hope that helps ^^,

  3. Omg.!! Ur style is perfect.!! U r pretty girl.! I love this blog because is awesome.;)

  4. great outfit :o)))


  5. ASOS is by far my favorite retailer, especially for an online store. Most of recent purchases have been through them. Plus it's nice that they have free shipping both ways (at least to the United States they do, I'm not sure for everywhere) so if I don't like something in person I didn't just pay to try it on. Their also the only retailer I've found that also has a video for almost every item so you can see how things really move or lay. Pretty much I just love the site.

    Lookbook is a great place to get inspiration and just to see what everyone out there is doing. Apparently Chictopia is essentially the same thing, but I haven't actually got around to seeing, but I probably will soon enough.

    I also have an account with Fashiolista, but I'm not really that active on it, and Polyvore I checked out but didn't join. Don't really know how relevant that would be for me or how into it I could really get.

    I generally just stick to blogger or the Lookbook forums to find new people or blogs.

  6. gorgeous skirt and top!
    Penelopi F.


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