New Art.

I've come full circle... I'm back to creating everything based on feeling and what the art tells me to do. I'm not really thinking about it - I'm just doing it and it feels really good!

This is my latest artistic creation... The cover art for my single Devil's in the Detail. I took a lot of ideas from the t-shirt graphics that will be part of my capsule collection for Azuki this summer which I created with sketch and graphic works. Also obviously used the song itself as the biggest inspiration!! You can listen below :)

Devil's in the Detail 
will be released to iTunes on September 2nd

And here's a little more mood boarding for you x

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4 peeps said something:

  1. holy shit it's GORGEOUS!! love it love it love it.

  2. Wow it's perfect.!! I love it so so much.;))

  3. It's amazing! Is there something you can't do perfectly? :D

  4. Oh what a wicked pictures!


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