An Appreciation of Blue Suede Shoes

Blazer & Leggings: Mink Pink   |   Shirt: Jessica Hart   |   Boots: Soles all from Market HQ   |   Goddess Rings: Lotus Mendes 
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Taking advantage of the sun by the sea and a little teaser of spring air in Bondi yesterday... Grabbed a little breakfast with the boy, tried out my new blue suede shoes. Yes, they worked just fine.

A little story about blue ...
When I was really little and learning about colours, blue was always my favourite. The other girls laughed and said that was a boy's colour and that pink was for girls. I didn't like all that prissy stuff like earrings and flowers and dolls... So I would go home and listen to vinyls of Elvis Presley singing about blue suede shoes and I was convinced it was OK. (Because I used to measure everything by Elvis - like "Would Elvis be into this?" or "If it's OK for Elvis, it's OK for me". Yes I was a weird child).

Anyyyyyway, I spent my childhood avoiding girly things like pink and floral stuff... Then I saw Legally Blonde and some switch was flipped and I became a little obsessed with pink. And by a little I mean ridiculously a lot - I even had a pink car. No seriously, it was completely hot pink - all over.

I was clearly making up for some "lost-girly-childhood" or some crap like that but I am proud to say I think I've conquered my addiction and finally after all the extremes, I've learned the art of balance. A little girly a little boyish, blue suede heels with a blazer and a cute little floral print on a collared shirt - voila!

 Good times.


8 peeps said something:

  1. O love this look. all the colors and the blues are perfect together.

  2. pretty sunglasses ; DDD

  3. Lovely shoes xx


  4. haha cute story! Love the outfit, my fav colour is blue too! Love the floral pop also xx

  5. I love this look!! You have the perfect balance of girlish/boyish rockstar edge..if that makes sense. your style is incredible. Loved your little story too!


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