City Scapes & Paris Dreams

Photography by Blair Dwyer & Natalie Leung / Shoot Assistant Margaret Ye 
Top: House of Wilde   |   Leather Collar: How Typical of Metal   |   Shorts: One Teaspoon   |    Tights: Shop With Romi   |   Crop: Mink Pink   |   Triangle Necklace: Lotus Mendes 

All I wanna do is have some fun go to Paris!
I don't think the funky little township featured on this House of Wilde poncho style top is part of the Kingdon of France but I'm going to pretend it is. Now I wanna go... And I'll be wearing the hell outta this killer leather studded collar - thanks to Mother and Father PR for introducing me to the incredibly hot How Typical of Metal.
I studied art history for my TEE in high school and saw Monet up close when some of his collection traveled to Perth years ago (man, they always get the best stuff! Bahaha) And I've always imagined giving everything up to become a poet and a painter, living in Moulin Rouge style bohemia.
I'd spend my days wandering the River Seine, soaking up the magic at The Louvre, snacking on macaroons and cigarettes. By suppertime, me and my artist friends Salvador Dali and Camille Pissarro would watch the sun set from a clifftop, drinking Champagne. I'm not 100% sure if Leonardo Da Vinci got the memo but I hope he comes, he's a great conversationalist with his crazy ideas of helicopters and calculators - what a hoot!
Guess I'd better get back to reality - recording my new EP. 
Wait, that's not so bad after all! 
Have fun dreaming the weekend away x


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