Inspiration Reads...

Music. Fashion Art.
I need it all to breathe.
These are some of the books that are inspiring me at the moment - hope you can find something special in them too x

Style Diaries: This is actually the book that opened the world of fashion blogging to me and I started this up after reading it! Also found one of my fave blogs in here

Andy Warhol "GIANT" Size: After a long search I found this, THE most comprehensive collection and study of Andy and his world...

Influence: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen interview everyone they're inspired and influenced by and it's a great fashion study as well.

Fashion Box / Immortal Style Icons: This is my go-to book anytime I feel like some classic style inspiration!

5 peeps said something:

  1. I love Andy Warhol! I'm going to buy that book :)and I wanna check out that Style Diaries too.

  2. Immortal Style Icons... so perfect. Some looks are just timeless, and that's amazing.

  3. wow, love this all ! Def loving the shoes and the woodstock!

    XO Sahra

  4. A nice collection you have there. I've also got MK and Ashley's Influence. It really is quite inspiring.

  5. Love to be inspired by all of these things... Always flicking through them when I have a coffee or a tea :)

    Thanks for your love and comments x


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