Kookai | Spring Summer 12/13 | Arabesque

Kookai celebrates 20 years with a trip to Marrakech

I don't often post about label look-books or campaigns... But Kookai's Spring Summer collection [Arabesque] has my heart beating in excitement for melting summer days, cool beachy nights and, let's be honest, those dresses in the first image!

Neon on bronze. Prints on dust. Colour on fire. 

All I wanna do is jump on a plane to Morocco and read The Alchemist. There's something magical, ancient and awe inspiring about these images, I feel like I'm a part of it just by looking at them. To me, that's what fashion photography is all about - being able to transport yourself and immerse your imagination in a vibe... Getting lost in the magic of it all...

So Morocco is defs on my my travel-lust-list. Where do you wanna go?


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