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Moroccan Dreams of Neon

Nothing makes me more excited about spring than the idea of bright colours against bronzed skin and muted gold... And this whole neon trend is sweeping me right off my feet into some Moroccan dream of sailing on crystal seas with cocktail in hand!

And there's nothing like a headache, blocked nose and feeling poo to make you wish for the sun and parties that come with summer! And of course with that comes bare legs and bikinis - eeeek! So, I'm kicking my ass into gear (gym / home juicing / DIY skin-care remedies etc) as of right now!

So beware MojoMaders - many recipes for smoothies, face masks, (healthy??) cupcakes and neon-inspired blog posts coming your way! Bring on SUMMER BABY!!


5 peeps said something:

  1. I love you blog Mojo, you are so creative !
    Love from Argentina,

  2. I like your blog, though I would like it even better if you could post more often, I know it's not your only and main preoccupation, but still, I think you deserve more readers and they definitely come with more frequent posts.
    I wanted to buy your beautiful shirts, but couldn't, cause my country isn't allowed to use paypall method of payment. can it be paid just by credit/debit card?

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