Tie-Dye Cool

Crystal Cuff & Ring: MojoMade   |   Tie-dye cape: Missguided   |   Top: Three of Something   |   Shorts: Staple @ Market HQ   |   Crucifix Ring: Spell & The Gypsy

We had the first official 'business' meeting of 2014 this week and decided to have it at the beach (perks of being your own boss). Anyways, we snapped these pictures at Clovelly right before I stripped to my knickers and jumped into the water - it was the most incredible day, I just couldn't not be in the ocean!

All my life I've been drawn to specific colours at specific times. As a kid, blue was my favourite colour, it conjured up feelings of freedom and fresh air. I moved onto pink when I was about 18 - everything was pink, including my car - no really. *Sigh at my 18-year-old-self-dorkiness* For the past few years it has been orange that has lit my fire - there's orange lamps, Mac-book and iPad covers - I actually looked into what that all meant in this Orange Colour Energy Post.

But at the moment I am increasingly drawn back to blue - my first and true love, and I think there's a lot to be said for my return to juvenile instincts and how my life is shifting into a whole new realm of embracing my inner child. There's something magical about it, I feel like I've come home.

Just having these stunning shades of turquoise around me in my home and my little office nook makes me feel invigorated! It feels bright and intuitive and I think it may just be the colour of inspiration. And interestingly, the blue rainbow aura crystal jewellery from The Elemental Collection are the most popular pieces in my store - so it's obviously speaking to you guys too!

What is your favourite colour and what does it feel like to you?

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  1. Your jewels are so incredible Mojo, and I love these pictures too...I have decided to buy my friend a present from your store for her 30th, I've been following you for ages and appreciating your style, but man, the jewels you got going on are so spesh! xox

    1. Oh that's great to hear Jaqueline! I'm working on some new designs at the moment and getting ready to cleanse my next batch of crystals under the full moon tonight :) xx

  2. This is gorgeous! You look stunning xo

  3. Awesome outfit and super cool pics


  4. When i was in elementary school i was in love with all shades of blue..Then in high school i was wearing almost everything, but mostly grey or biege o.o now i can;t believe i was wearing those colours. I also had my pink and purple phase, but it was some hip hop, rnb looking phasse:P And last few years i feel comfortable only in black and dark purple..i don't know if it means something..but i can't make myself wear other colours...except in summer when it's too hot for black:P i wish u answer this post:) i'm really interested in what u have to say:)


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