Who is Vienda Maria and Why Should You Follow Her?

Recently I shared my list of 5 Blogs That Inspire the Wanderlust Gypset Within with a promise to shine a spotlight on each one and continue to share my discoveries for an inspiring and incredible 2014...

I'm not exactly sure how I ever came across the gorgeous gypset creative that is Vienda Maria, and that confirms to me that it was one of those magical, meant-to-cross-paths type of discoveries. Of course it was online, but was it via her Instagram or possibly a google search for the meaning of Gypset? Who cares, all I know is that when I can't remember where a good idea came from, it usually means the universe plonked it into my reality for a reason!

So who is Vienda Maria? In her own words, she's a lifestyle coach, a writer and a creative. She's lived all over Europe and Australia, traveled the world and currently lives in London. She's got published writings and is always working on new projects which are available in her blog shop. (My Mum's favourite is the Gypset Recipe Book - she's always sending me pictures of what she's cooked up - and if MojoMum likes it, it MUST be great!) You can find out a whole lot more here.

What I love about Vienda's blog is that she covers such a vast range of inspiring and dream-catching topics, kind of a like a "How to be a completely fucking awesome version of yourself" guide. Since finding her little corner of the universe, mine has opened up. I just love the idea that she's self-sufficient on the road, running a business and staying creative. Her blog posts have introduced me to a new way of living my ideas and inspired me to start the full transition into a full-filling life that brings glitter, sunshine, exotic dreams, freedom and wild passion into the every day.

Vienda simply suggests topics that you will more than likely want to look deeper into. She has a knack of giving you just enough information to fire up your curiosity and then shares ways in which you can expand your knowledge. It's a blog full of ideas, information and thoughts from a gorgeous, intuitive human, who simply wants to help you see yourself for everything you truly are.

Some of my favourite posts from Vienda Maria are:

Sometimes a person's sunshine radiates so brightly that not even a computer screen or miles of distance can dull it down. That's how I see this girl, and I know you will too once you take a peek at her blog. Enjoy!

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