A City Gypsy

Kimono + Maxi Skirt: Missguided   |   Crystal Jewellery including headpiece is MojoMade

Every once in a while, something comes along and lands in your wardrobe that will completely embody who you are. It's something that speaks to your personal style. It's a piece that you can make work with anything else and you just never get tired of. You feel most fee when you're wearing it and it makes you feel confident and you're free to express yourself in all the ways you want… 

Enter this gypsy electric blue tie-dyed kimono in all it's hipset* glory from the cute-for-all-kinds-of-basics online store Missguided. I often throw it on over whatever I'm wearing and it instantly makes me feel free. Maybe because it reminds of my teenage bedroom or the clothes I used to wear when all of my time was spent painting, writing songs, hanging out with friends at the beach or on road trips… It just gives me a sense of fun. I might actually be more fun when I wear it. Haha

I have a real love for capes and kimonos and always find one that sticks like glue in each season. Even after I've worn it out and haven't picked it up for months, it won't leave my wardrobe and one day I'll put it on and feel nostalgic and totally awesome, because wearing something that completely expresses who you are is a creative power that us girls completely recognise, right?

I created this blog because I like to express my personal style in whatever projects I'm working on, be it music, performing, jewellery design, fashion design or just what I threw on to go to the markets. I love the notion that style is a simple way of saying complicated things

I've noticed that some people's personal style is actually all about what is on trend at the moment and what's in fashion. Their style seems to reflect whatever is being marketed to them and so it's always changing to fit it. But I think you'll notice that the style icons out there who we love and adore and take inspiration from have a great knack of simply injecting current trends into their already solid personal style. And really, I think that's what it's all about.

'Fashions fade, style is eternal.' 
                             - Yves Saint Laurent

(Hippy + Gypset) a completely made up word I just threw in haha

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  1. This is so beautiful - I love the patterns and your jewelry xo

  2. Love this!! X


  3. Hello gorgeous lady!! I love this look so much. You look beautiful! I hope you've been well.

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