Happy Pants Really Do Make You Happy

Aztec Quartz Crystal Cuff available in the MojoMade Etsy Store
 Pants: Somedays Lovin @ Market HQ   |   Crucifix Ring: Spell & The Gypsy Collective   |   Crystal Jewellery: MojoMade

 It's that change of season time at the moment in Sydney - where it's hot one minute, raining the next and then the sun appears like a raging fireball in the sky but you didn't bring sunglasses because it was dark a minute ago and now you're sweating like mad in your jumper and boots, under your umbrella...

So I've been basically living in these glorious (excuse my French) drop-crotch pants, also referred to as happy pants and sometimes mistaken for MC Hammer Pants. These bright babes are last season (I know, shock horror) from Somedays Lovin' and I've just rediscovered my love of them after clearing out my wardrobe.

Working from home means I could easily stay in my PJ's all day, but you know how it is - now that it's getting all rainy, all I want is a momentary sunshine outbreak to distract myself from all the other things I need to do and run outside - and at least these pants mean I can have the best of both worlds - HA!

Along with some big things in the works regarding my fashion and blog ventures, and whilst writing songs for a new music project, I'm working on samples for some new collections… I thought I'd jump the gun a little and share some pieces with you guys - the arm-band + deer-tine-necklace I'm wearing here will be available in the MojoMade Etsy Store pretty soon… What do you think? Likey?

Anyways, I'm also discovering some seriously amazing (and totally dorky) streamlining and de-cluttering ideas and apps for clearing out a chaotic life (and wardrobe). Yes, it's still going on - once you get started you find more and more things you just don't need and you'll continue until all you have left is just enough stuff to live in a Van.

Now, if you see me start talking about living in a Van, please get a group together and bail me up for an intervention. The Morgan in this moment doesn't think that would really work out for the best… But then again, the idea of working from the road, anywhere in the world, playing gigs in foreign lands, selling crystals at festivals and running a blog and business with just an iPad, a guitar, a bikini, a camera and a suitcase of clothes that can be worn myriad of ways (to save space)… well it doesn't sound too bad at all...

Oh dear, a seed.

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12 peeps said something:

  1. Those pants sure make me happy too! I'm going to go out on a limb here and request a spin-off of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.




  2. These really are happy pants! I need a pair in my life xo

  3. Sounds like the perfect life to me :)

  4. i need those pantsssssssss:DDDDDDD and all of your jewlery:)


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