Etsy Love

I pinched this shot from my photos for my upcoming music release. Shhh!
Ummm.... How cute is the hat?? I found it on Etsy - the seller, BlackGardeniaDesign is a gorgeous milliner and I wanna buy everything she sells!! 

So...Lets talk about ETSY.
I am now converted after Gemma (pictured below) found me a vintage cocktail "Bar Aid" circa 1945 (also pictured below) that's filled with recipes for old time cocktails. Reading through them, we sure have come a long way in Cocktailology. 
But my fave is still a straight up Martini.

So anyways, now I'm obsessed and basically buy everything I could ever need from homewares to presents, to clothes, to vintage suitcases from my new love Etsy (sorry eBay). Anyone else with me on this? 
If not, you should be!

Mojo x
top hat, bar aid: etsy.
tights: modcloth.
photos: the new polaroid. i personally prefer the original!

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