Waiting for Summer.

I signed on the dotted line.
I am officially a fashion designer.
I'm launching a capsule collection of my own designs through the gorgeous Australian fashion label AZUKI. Think music festivals, high indian summer & Rock'n'Roll baby!!
Ahhh I already feel warmer (and incidently I keep forgetting that we're actually heading into winter because I've been designing all these summer pieces! Hehe)

I'm waiting for sunsets.
For music by the beach.
The hot Aussie sun.
Lets ride.

white shirt: azuki.
tights: general pants.
boots: betts.

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4 peeps said something:

  1. I'm following you now! Thank you for posting your blog link on the group I created on IFB, I appreciate your time.

    Mucho love.

  2. hey girl!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    good luck on the fashion line. if these pics are anything to go by im sure you will be super successful. will it be available in any aussie stores? i hope so!

    and i cant agree more - on this rainy day all i am thinking about is the sun!! when will it ever come back?

    -fb X

  3. i am totally in love with your style, this lace shirt looks amazing
    and gosh your rings are so damn cool

  4. I like the way you show us your fashion clothes in style. I love your top the most. It's quite fabulous.

    Funky clothing


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