Fashion in Rock n Roll

I'm launching my capsule collection 'MoJoMade' later this year and I want to let you in on some of the inspiration behind my style... Cast your kicks back to a time where it was all about passion, living and good times. I wasn't there, but I miss it...

So I'm in the studio with Dale working on new tunes and we're (as always) diggin' on the Rolling Stones... Which got me thinking about Rock n Roll and the girls on the sidelines. So here for your style inspiration are my fave ladies of Rock n Roll...

Anita Pallenberg.
Girlfriend of The Rolling Stones' Brian Jones and then Keith Richards.
If you haven't seen Excile on Main St the doco about the making of the album - you must!!

 Jerry Hall @ Studio 54
With Debbie Harry & Andy Warhol

Donna Mitchell with Jim Morrison in Vogue (and some other guy just above)

OK. I can get back to the music now.
♥MoJo x

(Photos are not mine and have been taken from various sources via web)

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