About my Collection!

This is exciting!
My little sketches have turned into a REAL collection for a real fashion label to be stocked in real stores... So you'll be hearing more about how I'm working with Australian label Azuki as the clothing hits stores in the coming months! But for now, this is like a little introduction :)

I'm heading back to Perth this weekend to record my BRAND NEW SINGLE for release alongside my collection with Azuki... Can't WAIT to show you everything I've been building behind the scenes here in MojoLand :)

The music, fashion, art and overall vibe of what I'm about to bring you is basically my dream world. So I'm having a blast and I hope you're enjoying the journey!!

See you on the flip side luvahs.

❤ MoJo x

If you are a boutique or store and wish to view and stock my capsule collection for S11 - the buying period has begun so please contact Azuki for details on 02 9281 5282

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