Live Loop Music Video Mash Up

Welcome to the product of my discovery of "advanced settings" in iMovie - a little snippet of a live show I did at Notes here in Sydney a few weeks ago... Some acoustic fun with my Digitech JamMan loop pedal (Jimi) on a new tune I wrote the day before... couldn't resist trying it out on a new audience!

I think in another life I'm a movie editor. Not because I'm great at it by any means - that and the fact I don't edit movies anyway, just little videos for my music stuff... But just because I love it. Like, alot. I think it's the idea of attention to detail in creating art... Anyways... Have some pictures!

Tee is my new fave by UNIF available at Market HQ
Hemingway Vest by One Teaspoon (I completely fell for the beading and embellishment detail... Wouldn't you??)

Images 3 & 4 were taken by the lovely Natalie from Lucy and The Runaways at an intimate acoustic gig I did recently at the One Teaspoon Crown Street store for their market day. You can see a little post about it on her ragingly beautiful blog - I mean this girl has some serious style!!


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