Flower Power + Hannah Montana

Where in the world is Hannah Montana? 
Again, the burning questions raised on MojoMade, but this is one you've been asking yourself lately, I'm sure. So do you think they're asking this as a reflection on society or is it just some kid who can't find the children's section in the DVD store? Either way, that's why I love the streets of Sydney - you never know what's going to be around the corner and if you're going to come home as the same or a changed person.

But really, the main point of this blog post was to wear some Mink Pink flowers in a guise to steal back my bolo tie from Blair - AND to show off a new piece from my upcoming MojoMade Collection. That big fat black quartz crystal, leather and chain slave cuff is going to be available as a limited 20-piece offering.

So, word on the street is that there's gonna be a pre-order campaign for the next MojoMade Jewellery instalment and I'm going to be doing some really exciting things surrounding it… And it's all for members of the MojoMade Tribe

So make sure you sign your email address up in the box below to get your pre-release codes and goodies which will be hitting your inbox at any moment…

O U T F I T   D E E T S
Floral shirt by MinkPink @ Market HQ
Dr Denim 'Arlene High' Skinny Jeans in Black at General Pants
Fringe Bag by Free People
MojoMade Slave Cuff

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  1. These are stunning photos! You look beautiful xo

  2. It is a burning question! Hahah, love this outfit and am excited to hear about some new stuff coming into your store soon. My friend loved her 30th present from your collection so much and thinks it's like something Moonchild from the Neverending Story would have. On a different note, I've started an itty bitty clothing line and am looking for bloggers (particularly aussies) to collaborate with. I'm currently only stocking 6 pieces but am gearing up for a bigger collection coming September. My stuff if pretty bright as I use a lot of African Wax, but, if you would be interested in a collab please let me know. I've been reading this blog for quite a while and I have always admired your boho and free style.
    if you want to check out the clothes, our website is phosizzlethreads.com , and our email (if you are interested) is jjsphosizzle@gmail.com . Thanks Mojo and keeping rocking your wonderful free spirit

    1. I'm so glad your friend liked her gift :) Just had a look at your store - really like the prism rock skirt! Cute :)
      I'll shoot you an email in a few weeks - things are pretty hectic leading up to the RAW event next week so after that I'll be able to get back into the world haha. Much love xxx

  3. That's the question of the decade! Personally, I think it has to do with society and their expectation of people, in this instance Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and how she no longer fit's the box she was put in by Disney... ANYWAY that was unnecessarily deep and philosophical, I LOVE this outfit! Just the right amount of hard edge and soft sweetness tied together to make it totally kick ass


    1. Lol I know right? Ahhhh Sydney streets, always taking it from 'strolling down the side-walk' to 'unnecessarily deep and philosophical' haha x

  4. You look beautiful.. I love your floral dress =)


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