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When I came across the GypsyLovinLight Instagram a while back, I fell head-over-heels for the passion evoking images of bohemian gypsy jewellery and beach-side frolicking that Helen is always sharing. I love how she's always so her. You can always count on her to be exactly who she is and by being herself she is constantly inspiring.

And really, that's all we need to be in this world - our true selves.

 When I saw she lived in my old neck of the woods on the West Coast of Australia, I decided to dig a little deeper, and found an incredibly gorgeous soul, who completely epitomises all things love and light. Check out her inspiring story on her 'About Me' page of her blog.

In the above pictures, Helen is wearing two unique jewellery pieces from The Elemental Collection, amongst the coolest of company (see below for all the details). I don't think my crystals have ever looked so good - the girl just has a magic eye for details and styling images that evoke real feeling, something you can see in abundance on the GypsyLovinLight blog.

O U T F I T   D E E T S

Quartz Crystal Elemental Ring + Aztec Slave Cuff by MojoMade
Turkish coin necklace (worn as necklace + anklet) – Child of Wild 
Gold Bangles + Cuff by Free People 
Rings – Torchlight Jewelry | Amarilo | Heart Majestic | Brooke Persich Gold chevron midi rings
Thunderbird body chain + Knuckle rings – Heart Majestic
Flowercrown – Flower Gypsies

The Elemental Ring in Golden Aura Quartz Crystal is one that I actually wear every day, there's something beautifully calming and warm about these peachy-pink-toned crystals. I guess representing the Earth Elemental of the Zodiac in my jewellery collection, it makes sense that I always feel a sense of grounding when I'm wearing it. The Earth Elemental Ring is available in my online Etsy store, along with the Aztec cuff in clear quartz as seen above.

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