Leaving on a Jet Plane!

The Traveller #2

The Traveller #2 by mojomade on Polyvore

Don't you just love the idea of a long haul flight? You never know who you'll be sitting next to, what movies will be on or if the whole thing will turn into some crazy limbo experience ala Oceanic Flight 815. (Seriously LOST over that whole debacle and may never fully recover I mean WTF?!)

It's exciting if you're sitting next to Sir Richard Branson (here's hoping) but I'm usually the one stuck next to the Irish guy who keeps talking to you throughout the movie that you're only pretending to watch so he won't talk to you but doesn't get the hint. No really. Lucky he's the type of gentleman to take advantage of the free booze and politely pass out, hindering your efforts to squeeze past without waking him to go to the bathroom. 

The task at hand is to keep lookin' cool whilst secretly being comfortable.  

Try these ideas - I'm trying something like this TODAY when I leave for LA - I'll let you know how it rolls...
Harem Pants for super comfort, try these from Market HQ. A crop-top or bralette, I've got this lacey one from American Apparel (and looks like you totally meant to not wear a real bra haha). A pair of comfy flats that look cool - these creepers from ASOS or try some patterned slip-on's like these. For fashionable listening try these bad boys by Skull Candy. And once everyone else goes to sleep, keep entertained with some must reads for a music and fashion fix: Nylon Magazine and Rolling Stone.

Totally rockin' from Sydney to LA, baby.


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  1. Love this! Have a safe and pain-free flight! Here's hoping you sit next to someone less interesting!


  2. Love it! Have a safe flight, looking forward to reading about your LA adventures!!


  3. this outfit seems perfect for a long flight ! hope you'll have a good one, enjoy your stay in L.A babe ! much love <3 xxx

  4. Loving the ideas !



  5. Nice style!



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