Dear New York...


Dear New York,
I'm hungry for the grit. The dirt.
The darkness in all this light.
And so, I've come to you for a spark of your burning magic.

Invade me and leave me with nothing.
I'll let you in, to steal my blood and wash over me.
I'll give in to you.
Just lay me down and give me everything you've got.
You know what I need.
Fire me up.
Spit me out.
Take all that's left of me.



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  1. Awesome and creative post! I love the little blurb of dark NYC wonder, that shined out the most for me! Are these perhaps lyrics for a new song?

    Have an awesome weekend!

  2. this is beautiful, even for me, a new yorker. I'm currently traveling and SO SO homesick :(

    XO Sahra

  3. Amazing inspiration photos! I love New York. That picture with the glitter on the hands is AMAZING.

  4. Wonderful pictures - I love the stars and the blossoms. Most of all I love 'Dear New York'; I hope you find the burning magic.

  5. lovely collection of pictures


  6. Love all these pictures, they are a very great inspiration! (:

  7. Amazing pictures and I love your way with words you can really feel the emotion behind it. Now i really want to go to NY!

  8. beautiful photos and awesome poem, very inspiring! love it!

    this is something I wrote about new york, maybe you'd like to read it as well:

    untitled, new york, 2011

    sitting by the window
    2 AM, 11th floor
    the city never sleeps
    no silence, no darkness
    violet sky, glowing night

    walking at night
    23rd street, chelsea hotel
    i wanna live in 1968
    1973, 76, 77
    we’re poets, we’re artists, we’re everything at once

    lets get destroyed by madness
    lets get destroyed by the city life
    coffee, cigarettes, whiskey and coke
    burroughs, ginsberg, kerouac, holy
    jim carroll, poetry and rock’n’roll

    lou reed, andy warhol, edie sedgwick
    glamour, glitter, blood & dirt
    love, success and desperation
    hey honey, take a walk on the wild side
    and that’s what we do

    we’re lovers, we don’t need a home
    let’s sleep in central park
    benches, squirrels, mad hatter statue
    you’re mad, too. and so am i
    and so is the city

    the most beautiful things in the world?
    open windows, sound of cars rushing by at night
    citylights. people. the new york night.
    keep me here, city lights
    i don’t wanna leave, never wanna leave

    thousands of people
    rich people poor people everybody’s here
    we’re all the same, in a way
    aren’t we?

    breathing in the new york air
    glitter, pollution and freedom
    and the lights, always the lights
    keep me here, city lights
    i don’t wanna leave, never wanna leave


  9. Wow. I love the picture with all the stars outside. I've saved it to my computer to look at again later. So pretty!

    The SkinnyBlondeGirl Blog

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  11. This post is seriously inspiring. Career and personal life considered, the things in this post have me pumped. Lovely.


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