5 Things To Make Someone's Day...

Lately, I've been having some really amazing things happen for my music and fashion projects and some equally amazing people have been entering my life. I'm excited and happy and creatively full of fire (and all those mushy things that you feel when life is going great). So it's got me thinking about how I could spread some love around at a grass-roots level - things I can do up until I can afford to buy everyone Pink Cadillac's ala Elvis Presley.

Here's 5 things to make someone's day that you could do over the weekend, even with just a few minutes up your sleeve.
They're only little things but they may just brighten up someone's outlook, even just for a moment!

1. Call someone you haven't spoken to in a while. 
An old friend, your dad, your grandmother... Just to see how they are.

2. Bake some cupcakes and drop by a friends house for a coffee
(Bet you wish you were my friend right now for some of these blueberry mini-mojo-cakes...
Lathered in pink vanilla icing with peanut & crispy M&M's...)

3. Hand-pick a bunch of flowers for someone. 
 Little bunches like this are so much cuter than the bouquets you buy at a florist, and more personal.

4. Send a thank-you card. 
It's a whole lotta rainy day fun to hand-make a card for someone and the most unexpected way to surprise them is to post it the old fashioned way - with an envelope and stamp! A simple thank you card to say you're glad they're in your life will really brighten the day! If you really can't be bothered getting all art and crafty (shame on you!) but you could try sending an e-card from moonpig.com.au they have a ridiculously awesome range of cards for every occasion.

5. Give something away.
You know that top your friend comments on every time you wear it? Or that little dress you've had for way too long and worn way too many times to be seen in it again... Chances are she'll love it more than you do and will happily give it a second home! And you've probably got a wardrobe full of other cool stuff so why not give it to her in exchange for a smile?

Happy weekend!
Morgan x


*Images 1,3,5 in this post were collected from various online sources

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  1. Really inspiring post, have a great weekend too :) xx

  2. So cute, These are my new plans for the weekend!

  3. Such great ideas! Little things like this are so thoughtful and mean a lot to people!

  4. Loving your 'thank you' cards! I'm baking cupcakes today too ;)

  5. such great ideas, thanks for sharing!! wonderful post!

  6. Mojo!!! you are amazing! I love your style!!
    just inspiration to me *.*



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