Lots of Little Things Make The Big Things Possible

Lately I've been feeling on top of things and creatively free but the truth is I've never had so much on plate. All of a sudden though, I look around and feel calm. I have beautiful people around me, who believe in me and the best part is - they are people I also believe in.

It takes a lot of strength to keep doing the little things that make the big things possible because sometimes it's hard to recognise that 1 + 1 = 2. I'm always being asked how I manage to fit everything in, people tend to think it's impossible and that I'm crazy (the first being incorrect and the second is up for debate:)

So a week in my life is filled with lots of little things that lead to bigger things. Yes, it's full on but I'm happy sucking every last moment out of each day if it's filled with passion. My Instagram feed gives a little look at all the little things that make dream catching possible. 
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Most days the boy and I kick off with the best coffee in Sydney at our corner local Bay 88

During the week we snap a lot with our baby, a Canon 7D.

Breakfast will generally be something like this, my Paleo banana-coconut pancakes with berries. I love to cook and bake - I find it very therapeutic and have been going a little crazy following foodies on Instagram lately - Like Belle Gibson (@healing_belle) and Nourish For Life

There's usually at least one "creative meeting" through the week, talking videos, recording, shoots or tours. This week we talked campaign ideas for my new collection. Crazy exciting!

When my clothes aren't getting stolen off the washing line (yes, this just happened) I am usually wearing some. Like in this behind the scenes selfie snap of a music video that's coming soon to my Youtube Channel

Memphis Dawg and I share a work space... Good times.

At some point I will actually morph into an Octopus. Dangit, now you know my secret!

I'll pull a duck-face or two. Selfies for life yo!

I'll work from morning till night on all things fiddly, time consuming and artistic. It's a great practice in patience and focus. A meditation of sorts and a way to connect into the web of people and places all over the world. (My newest jewelry project is almost here... Watch this space!)

I will turn myself over to mystical energies and fall deep into the world of music. Often.

I will do at least one fishtail-french braid during any given week. Sometimes two. :)

I fill up all the wall space and every little corner with magic in my little Gypsy Den. 
Everywhere I look, there is a story or memory that only exists because I do.

I'll plug into the swirling energies all around us from time to time... Gather the goods to create inspiration... Sometimes via journal writing or Tarot, always with music and Chai Lattes.
I am dying for this Tarot deck. Seriously.

There will be at least one trip to the post office to post out orders and pick up packages. You can grab my limited edition art print CD in my store, and new MojoMade Tank tops are about to drop...

I always take in the view and thank my lucky stars that I have so much!

And through it all, there's always room for fun with my partner in crime (literally... but that's another story).

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  1. i love the handmade jewelry, it's so pretty xx

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

    1. Thanks Natalie - make sure you're on the mailing list so you receive your VIP code for pre-order discounts... It's coming this week!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I've got recipes hanging around this blog somewhere :)

  3. It's always so refreshing to read your posts, good luck!

    1. Thanks Tamara! Hope you continue to stay in touch and keep inspired :) xx


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