Freedom Comes From Within

Cardigan & Top & Bag: Free People   |   Boots: ROC   |   Shorts: One Teaspoon   |   Hat: General Pants   |   Triangle & Skull Rings: Lotus Mendes   |   Crystal Ring & Necklaces: MojoMade

I've been playing with crystals for my new jewellery project for about 6 months now, but in the last month I've been spending a lot more time working on the collection [The MojoMade Elemental Collection launches here on Sunday September 1st]... In looking back at what's been happening around me, I've noticed something quite extraordinary... It seems these little mystical crystals that I import from Brazil have been working a whole lot of magic, weaving in and around my dreams, desires, happiness and life. Something I feel even more excited about now that I can share their awesomeness with you!

I don't really remember how this crystal journey even began - a true sign of higher-self-inception - so I really didn't think about how all this energy could shift and manifest... But I can't explain any other reason for the clear change in my perception... The calmness, the balance, the energy that has manifested into a number of magical things coming together...

It feels like I've tapped into the universe inside me... and you know what they say...

Freedom comes from within..

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  1. I LOVE YOUR JEWELRY! I can't wait till your launch! xx Nadine


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