My Runway Debut @ MBFF Sydney

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This year's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival in Sydney marked a special occasion for me personally - my debut as a runway model! Now, when I say debut; I mean only and when I say runway model; I mean fashion blogger who was asked to style an outfit to show of what Market HQ has to offer. Nevertheless, as someone well under the appropriate height to be a model, it was a tall achievement. Haha. Get it? Haha.

You guys know that I'm a great fan of Market HQ - they stock a lot of labels I love and are constantly changing with the trends to keep us online shoppers happy. This year was their first show as an online retailer and we saw some stunning pieces walk the runway - which you can buy online now here

My picks from the show - and soon to be my new wardrobe are above.
I wore this Mink Pink Skirt and Paint it Red top with jewelry from my new MojoMade Collection.

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  1. Loving that MOJOmade piece! ;)


  2. WOW! You look looked amazing and I am so in love with your skirt! Perfect outfit xx


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