Don't Be Normal. It's a Trap.

I can honestly say I know at least one thing for certain - there isn't a blueprint for this thing we're in called life. You can't copy and paste from someone else's trip and expect to fully exist. You've got to make it or break it all on your own. You've got to find your own voice in this deafening sea of the mundane.

The mere idea of "normal" is a trap. Don't buy into it. 

For, once you perceive one thing to be "normal" over another, your vision will be impaired. Your perception will be clouded. Once you start putting labels on all the pretty boxes that everything so neatly fits into then you think you know what to expect. But you don't.

Because life as we know it, in it's very essence is change.

Everything changes. All the time. To expect that things, that places, that people will stay the same, is to expect that you have some kind of control or handle on everything that happens. And why would you want that? So you don't have to feel fear? Excitement? Passion? Anything at all? What would be the point then?

So don't be the idea of "normal" that someone else has. Be your own version of crazy, uncommon, wild, free, elusive, aloof, weird, vibrant, bizarre, contradictory, happy... Just be your own version of it.

End of the day, we're only here once and you're gonna end up in a box anyway - why live in one too?

It was my birthday on Wednesday.
We celebrated at midnight with red wine and sparklers under the blue moon (next one won't be till July 31st 2015). Because that's our kind of normal. Whatever.

It's going to be a magical year.

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  1. Happy Birthday for Wednesday! xx

  2. Love this post, great words! Hope you enjoyed your birthday xx

  3. Happy belated birthday (again) you talented lady...!

    Hope to catch up with you soon xo



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