"Today's Look" with Andrew Mukamal in New York

Morgan Joanel with Andrew Mukamal on Today's Look

One of the greatest things about the world of blogging and fashion online is the connections you can make all over the world via Twitter, Facebook etc...I came across Andrew Mukamal via Margaret Zhang the genius behind the blog Shine By Three when she recently visited New York. 

Andrew is a stylist living in New York, has longer hair than me and is as enthusiastic as an arrow that's just been shot from it's bow and I had such a blast enjoying a sneaky Champagne and blogger/fashion/music chat with him!! PS. Those incredible pants are by The Story Of, from Market HQ.

Part 2 of our hang-out is coming soon!  In the meantime I have EXTENDED the giveaway I'm hosting as I was away most of the month! Click below to check out my original sketch designs and enter to win this huge prize including gifts from Betts Shoes, Gorgeous Cosmetics and Lotus Mendes Jewelry.  
Giveaway now closes on Monday May 7th 2012.


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  1. this's awesome!love that video a lot!have been obsessed with his daily talk for quite a while!<3 and you look amazing btw!<3



    1. thanks for watching Today's Look! We <3 mojomade!

  2. morgan totally rocked it on TL! i want to see her perform live!


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