As a kid in school I always loved 'Reading Time'... And couldn't understand all the kids who thought it was a chore... I got to escape into worlds of imaginary awesomeness and endless possibilities for the future and how I could change the world... 

I always wanted to be a writer (I still hope to achieve that one day, but I was never very good at editing and my stories went on forever!). And my favourite part of a good story was foreshadowing... You know the part in a book or movie where some little detail is shown and then it comes back later to reveal everything?

I can always pick the baddie in a movie.

So whilst I still can't edit my stories down  
(I started 3 novels over my teenage years and one movie script that was on 30 pages and still had no story line... I think I was taking inspiration from Seinfeld) 
 I can edit photos into a blog post...

So here it is guys - the big foreshadowing of what's to come from my imagination and hands...

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  1. I loved reading time too! Lol I love that ring!

  2. Wow that ring *____* want it!!

    1. It'll be available here on my blog next month so stay tuned :) x

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